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March 26, 2009

Derbi Variant Engine Rebuild


Rebuilding a Derbi engine is nothing like rebuilding an E50. I appreciate E50's so much more now. I initially had to rebuild this engine because the pedals were not engaging. Once I had it apart I found a lot more things that had to be fixed.

Things I replaced...
-NOS crank
-NOS clutch assembly
-TJT variator
-TJT belt
-75 Metra Kit
-All new bearings and seals
-Carbon reeds

-Still have to install the CDI and buy a carb

It took me months to find all the tools and parts to rebuild this. Having a manual definitely helped.


  1. Posts like this makes me miss shop- I went to a Voc-tech highschool.

  2. You don't need a shop. Just tools and a kitchen!

  3. I just realized that you work with Jake. I am going to have to get him to convince you to get a moped too.

  4. You may appreciate the e-50 more but once you are done with this engine you will never want to ride a puch again.

  5. well worth the work, this bike is going to be cherry... a purple cherry...


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