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August 27, 2009

2 Stroke Tuesday.. pictures courtesy of moi and Aron M. who took the noble position of Cupcake on John's Derbi and gave us some sweet pics...

Isn't he just dreamy?

the secret to how we go so fast...
press Gas

Crazy 300 dollar bicycle lights that blind you
for 2 hours if you look into them..

Doesn't get much better than this;
custom paint job that came on the
new magnum

Joe's looking for some spare change for a

when you want to dunk, you have to harness
the power of lightning bolts in your calves: check

Tom moving so fast he's blurry.. maybe that's
why he blew up :(

"this is the shit right here" at least that's what
I imagine she's saying

singing "highway to the Danger Zone" I just
know it

little boy blue..

how can you not smile with a magnum and a
sunset between your legs? that doesn't sound
quite right... or does it?

Tom going too fast again

Richard keeping us all in suspense before he
unveils the blue version of this ped

the B-don is back!!! and he's as sexy as ever

Mr Too Fast still "needs to learn the f-ing
rules of the road!"

why is there a lens flare coming from the
Coopster's junk? I have no idea, who know's
what he's packing down there..

the double deuce..

fo sheezy..

attack of photoshop..


we go so fast our shoe's explode!

August 23, 2009

The summer has not been kind to us. Lots and lots of broken bikes. Too many to list...

But... Richard and I found a secret pool in the city!

And... the Derbi still runs and although it is melting bulbs.

August 14, 2009

Moped madness!!!

The arrival..

Getting ready at the apartment..

Angie's back!

jean-shorts + winter jacket = John's moped chic look

Discussing the finer points of dressing up like King Diamond and then doing things like shopping at Yankee Candle..

Richard where are you? you better let us in or we'll let Derek loose on you..


Kendra's response to Derek's proposal to drag race shaddy honda drivers..

the line up at Julians..

August 13, 2009

I made it.

August 10, 2009

New Loot!! Simonini exhaust for a puch and a Minarelli along with a Minarelli turbo exhaust;new side covers for the Lazer, new sprockets for the Lazer, V1 80cc Polinin Kit, 64cc reed valve kit, voltage regulator, domino throttle/brakes, maxi cables, 3 shoe clutch for e-50 kickstart, new kickstart return spring and more!!

case matched v1

lubed and ready to go.. that's wha.. to easy

John expanding the exhaust port of an puch 2 speed cylinder.. mmm tourquey

New seat, new ped for Tye.. yippe!

The secret to John's builds.. Wizard tells him what to do.. is this thing for sale?

Derek nearly blew himself up: everyone's reaction

Wizard: the true moped mastermind!

after a night of rebuilds/builds and nonsense what better way to celebrate?
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