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April 26, 2009

Maxi up grades!
-14mm bings, 14mm intakes, and boss pipes all around!
-top secret "treats feugo" technology on sam's bike plus we ditched the restricted 1hp cylinder.

Next ride I want to see you guys race. ZA50 vs E50. Also peak at the future downtown moped shed in the back groud. I can't wait for that!

April 22, 2009

April 21, 2009

Pics for clicks:

Hey what's up? I'm posting to motivate my sweet ass to make my moped healthy again...and because I wanna see something different than our group ride for once haha. Joe and I took apart the Yankee Peddler to take some measurements of a few things so I can tell BJ from Handy Bikes what I need.

The list includes: new rear axle, new nuts/washers for the axle, new rear wheel bearings, and new swing arm bushings.

I'm also hoping to buy a set of forks from John. They will lower my front end 1". I'm semi-compesating by putting a Puch 17" front wheel on, replacing the current 16" one (staggard wheel sizes = creamy)'ll still give me a 1/2" drop 280mm rear shocks are also being put on, which will lower the rear about 3/4". Project low moped is well underway! Slammin' it...meltin' it down...

My ignition needs a little looksee too...some nasty pinging and back firing going on :/ Ah when all is said and done, I'll be doing 50+ again...

April 15, 2009

April 10, 2009

Tuesday night we had our first gathering of Providence moped people. This is something I have been dreaming of for about seven years when I got my first Puch. The meeting went really good. I think we have twelve people on our email contact list and I expect more people to find us pretty quickly.

Our first fix it is next Tuesday at Chris' garage. If you are interested in meeting up with us or just being added to the email list please email me.

I <3 Mopeds!!!

April 2, 2009

I went for a short ride to Padanaram in Dartmouth. It was pretty cold.


The humble beginnings of Joe's new Moby project. Step one- Detoxification
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