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October 25, 2010

you probably want to pretend you were here for OCEAN HATE
(or maybe its simply to support metal ponies)


October 18, 2010


When I bought the Sebring from Handsom Dan... she was a sad, lonely top tank... neglected due to HD's overwhelming amount of projects. So with the agreement of "do it right," I purchased said Sebring.


This is it as of today...

Powder coated 17" rims with 3.00 Gazelles and sealed bearing conversion.
Tank was wire brushed, rusted a bit and then powder coated + Kreem'd.
Swingarm and triple tree components were wired down and clear coated.
Painted frame
Magnum EBR's
320mm Forza shocks
Saddle reupholstered with a diamond pattern (real leather I found on CL)

More to come soon!

I figured out the secret to tires.... I have this stuff called back to black. Its a liquid black plastic/rubber restorer. Very slippery.... so I used it around the tube and on the tire and it made it so much easier to mount. AND I didn't pop a tube. This worked for me.... I'm sure everyone has their own method.

October 13, 2010

October 9, 2010

It only took 10 months to build but it's ready just in time for our rally! Mostly it took so long just because I got busy and didn't touch it since last March. Thanks to Tim I have a fancy new intake that works with the 65cc Hero Cylinder. I only went with the Derbi Head because I had one and it seemed to fit. Still have to time it and Jet it properly but from my quick little ride around the parking lot I can tell it's going to rip. Hopefully someday I will put some decent tires and fork on it.

October 8, 2010

Last year the Metal Ponies applied to become a branch in the Moped Army and we didn't even make it into the review. That's cool though, no one had really heard of us. I guess this year more people know about us and we are currently being reviewed! So Psyched!

If you are a member of the moped army and read out blog visit us over in the new branch discussion on Moped Army. Ask us some questions, get to know us, maybe even say some kind things about us! We appreciate any support we can get.

October 5, 2010

A general color sceme idea of what my Sebring will have. All the metal parts are rusted to perfection and then coated. I pick up the seat on Thursday... cant wait to see it! If you're looking for a powder coating guy in RI who does under the table work for pretty cheap, ask! solid job. Ill put in a picture of the painted frame when I update with a seat pic. Might steal the brown leather belt on the tank idea from '77... This bike will be unbelievable when its done. So stoked.

It's not moped related but I really wanted to share these photos with Philip Patrie!

He writes one of my favorite moped blogs and apparently has the same interest in cars as me too.

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