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April 28, 2010

Things for sale..

Soo.. I'm poor.. and I'm doing some spring cleaning.. Some prices are negotiable.. some aren't.. I have more photo's of everything so ask and ye shall receive.

Ask questions and I will answer.. I am throwing these up here before they get offered to MA. So let me know before 10 days from now.. (I know some of you have already expressed an interest in some stuff, not to worry, I haven't forgotten)..


  1. rusty magnum swingarm, want! does it have the other side or the bushing? or are maxi parts swappable on to it?

  2. I'll take that mangy Magnum frame! Hit me back with shipping to 06756 and I'll PayPal you. Thanx!


  3. Haha I call absolute first dibs on the hearted "Hmmm?" bike...I don't wanna reveal anything else about it for good reasons haha. And I have a few questions about the Motron. We need to chat Dan!

  4. oh snap, are there juicy transmission bits being hidden on the other side of the safari? if there are, great score derek.

  5. I might be interested in the ZA50. Is it from a magnum or a maxi? Is it all complete in there?

  6. Ok...

    Mustachio: looks like shipping would be around 17-20. I guessed it to be around 18lbs and they told me 17. If your ok with that estimated price it's yours. And you can just pay me the total after I ship.

    Gaber: Not 100% on your question.. That's the only piece I have.. It's got two welded threads on top, and two holes on bottom..I will link a few more pics below to hopefully answer your question

    pic 1:

    pic 2:

    Oh and it's not a variated Minaralli.. that's on my other Seabring..

    Derek: Your a high roller these days... you want to talk to me about my Seabring, my Motron, and my mystery moped?


    Nick B. may have already beat you too the Seabring though.. Moreover, I am mighty tempted to keep it for myself.. I love those rims..

    Note: our gang leader is eyeing that mystery moped..

  7. dan, i was talking about the other side of the swingarm clamp and the rubber bushing that goes between. let me check tonight if those maxi/magnum parts are swappable and i'll let you know. thanks!

  8. ahh.. I see.. The swingarm is the only piece I have.. I am pretty sure that the magnum swingarm can bolt up to a Maxi.. but I could be lying.. talk to you soon

  9. I will take the frame! Unless it has been claimed.

  10. Think it's spoken for buddy.. When do you get back? I think we are having our first ride this Tue. We got some serious numbers.. it's going to be a madhouse..

  11. Haha yes, Gaber is picking up what I'm putting down.

    John has too many mopeds and needs money,
    I got Nick B into mopeds,
    Therefore I reserve priority of the Sebring!!!!

    I want the wheels off the Motron (switch with the Yankee Peddler + cash).

    And once I see the "Golden Ticket", you are getting you bill$$$$!

  12. Sounds good Dan I'll take it! Are all the engine mounts intact? Let me know where I can email you the shipping address and PayPal you.

  13. I don't want any of those bikes. Maybe he means Kendra?

    Derek, why do you want new wheels for the peddler? Thought you already switched the front to a puch wheel? Why do you want the sebring? I thought you didn't like top tanks!

    This whole thing is confusing.

  14. Haha.. Trying to understand the wants and needs of Derek is like trying to understand a riddle wrapped inside an enigma..

    That being said Derek we can def work something out for those wheels.. I was just looking at them the other day and I realized they were 16's and I was like ohhh shiitt Derek is going to want these.. The Seabring is still up in the air.. We'll have a pow wow about it

    Mustachio, pretty sure the mounts are solid but I will double check and get a pic for you.. The only spot where the integrity is questionable is that flate mounting plate in the upper left corner.. I have more pics that I will link for you. Paypal email is

    still don't know what the reference to seabring transmission was but no worries

    John, Derek was refering to the mystery moped aka the Golden Goose

    Brooks, the za50 is off a brown magnum. Everything is there except for the cylinder. The flywheel and stator plate are off but fine.. It was running when I took it apart. Not 100% sure about the second gear. It was either underperforming or in need of being replaced. I bought before I knew much about mopeds (not that I do now) thinking that two speed meant better. I was underwhelmed and uninterested in making it performance. Not sure if I have the kick stand for it either, but if your still interested I have more pics that I can send.

  15. I didn't read any of that shit.

    I want that old ass moby.

    Give it to me.

    I don't have any money.

    :) or I might trade you a magnum for it. which you can sell. easily.

  16. dan, talk to me about the av89.

    -jay from boston, who regularly makes poor financial decisions regarding mopeds

  17. Whats good about being an active metal pony is being able to call ACTUAL first dibs... assuming Dan does indeed decide to sell.

  18. Magnum sold

    G3 sold.. I think..

    Magnum swingarm sold.. maybe, Gaber I am pretty sure it will work on a maxi

    The Moby: Here's the story. I have been offered a running Cosmo Colt 4 (morini M101 engine). I am waiting to see if that's actually going to follow through. If it doesn't I will be entertaining other options.

    Ultimately I would prefer to trade for another cool/rare moped. If I just get money for it I will probably spend it on lame things like bills and living expenses.

    The moby itself is in good condition not perfect. I have had it for a year and a half and not even tried to start it so I cannot speak on it's mechanical behalf. Every thing seems to be there, moreover I know that many of the mechanical parts are interchangeable with current mobys maxing it very fixable.

    It is missing one side cover. A guy I spoke with on MA seems to think it would be pretty "easy" to get one from the French/Holland sites. Also, I still have the guys number that sold me the moped and he said that he had it "somewhere". I was never able to track him/it down.

    Here are some pics of the overall condition:
    (I can't seem to post straight up links or images in a blog comment which is really annoying so here they are for copy and paste)

    pic 1:

    pic 2:

    pic 3:

    pic 4:

    pic 5:

  19. g3 is sold... tom really was stoked you stopped by the restaurant but you were gone by the time he was finished... gonna bring him by richards tomorrow... also john he really really wants to buy your windshield...
    ps. i need a techno boss if you have one you wanna get rid of

  20. The G3, I think the spark plug is fowled.. the gas in there is super rich.. some ja-brone put way to much oil in it...

    We'll figure it out..

  21. yeppers, i'll take the magnum swingarm. email me ( to figure out details.

  22. will do gaber on the swingarm..

    So update on parts sold:
    - magnum swing arm
    - magnum frame
    - G3
    - Motron.. sort of
    - Seabring
    - moby is returning to its cave...
    - the rest is going up on MA tonight.. so speak up if you want

  23. I get back next Wednesday, I will be up for riding as soon as I get back. Let me know.

  24. Just noticed this site. do you have any tanks for sale? Please let me know. Thanks.

  25. Dann, i will pay more than anyone here for the bikes, please give me a email at


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