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May 25, 2016

It was tough leaving the gang behind but I moved to Portland, OR two months ago, bringing only one Maxi with me. I've been getting to know the Puddle Cutters, Uphill Battle, and lots of other riders doing their own thing!

There are a lot of really awesome lady riders I've been getting to know. What I miss about the Metal Ponies is that they've always been so amazing, understanding, and willing to teach without judgment or frustration. A lot of my moped knowledge has come from one of them teaching me, and I've been very lucky.

I've heard from many female (and male) riders that this has not been the case for them, and have seen it turn people off from mopeds which is so disappointing. This shouldn't be happening because IT'S JUST MOPEDS. We are all riding these fun, nerdy, easily-breakable machines around and we should be helping others who are interested in learning!

After spending time with these ladies, I've helped organize a new group of female riders in Portland called the Idle Jetts! We are here to give each other support in and out of the moped world, help each other when we have moped-related questions/problems, all without judgment! We host 2–3 ladies only rides a month, as well as one public ride.

This July we'll be hosting a public ride, and raising a little money that will go 50% to us for future events, and 50% to Prison Birth Project, which supports, encourages, and trains currently and formerly incarcerated mothers and trans parents to become community leaders within a reproductive justice framework.

Support us, support female riders! Miss you guys!!

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