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May 31, 2009

Just getting The Yankee Peddler ready for the Tuesday night ride.

May 30, 2009

Custom intake for that weird Puch Parma kit welded up by that weird guy Joe

May 29, 2009

fun night. glad dan's okay!

May 18, 2009

I found it at a junkyard, got it running. Its a lovely thing to work on and clean overall, except the tank, anyone got any sources for a new or used tank that doesn't leak like a sieve? I am bummed I could not come by Saturday for the The Healthy Moped Medical Clinic. So here she is in all her ginny rigged dirt bike gas tank glory.

It was a nice day and we were cleaning the garage so I took out the others and the rest of the armada.








May 17, 2009

This is the first official healthy moped. Next up Pinto, Moby, Maxi, TSM...

There are a bunch of future "healthy mopeds" lurking in this shed

May 15, 2009

Early birthday present from Tyler. Pretty sick. I think I am going to post the all around Boston if we make it up there next Wednesday!

-Mystery moped rider
-Pretty cool for a scooter but my moped is still faster
-Some of the group

May 5, 2009

Since I stole some essential performance parts from my Magnum for my Pinto build, I needed to make a couple of new additions to the Magnum to get it running again.

Original Parts
E50 1speed w/ original crank and oem stock 2 shoe clutch
hydraulic fork

Older Mods

70cc Athena (non reed valve) w/ 70cc high comp head
ebr fork brace
CEV bullet headlight w/ 40mph speedo
enduro tailight
trimmed rear fender
painted side covers and tailbox black
cafe' bars
brake levers
clutch lever

New Installments

Dellorto 16mm SHA carb
Techno BOSS pipe (made a bracket to fit clean)
(and the best upgrade of all)- a new REGISTRATION STICKER!

The ped is running excellent. I'd say the best, most reliable setup I've had on it yet. The 19mm carb and homoet 6p I took off will be a great fit for the Pinto build, and I'll post pics of that soon, as it's nearing completion. The next step for the magnum is to paint the tank, wheels, and add some custom decals. Can't wait! I've built this bike for longer distance rides and it's finally at a point I feel comfortable riding over 100 miles on it again. Haven't had a chance to use a gps yet and my speedo tops out at 40mph but my best estimates are that it top ends around 47-50mph. With a little more tuning I think I can get a little more once everything is broken in.

May 1, 2009

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